From a Mind Once Irrational

A turncoat’s coat tails curtail the tall tales
spun to fulfil far flung myths with full sails
until the fail-safe fails at the very point the mind inhales.

Capillaries cleared by clear air once feared;
for fear of the unknown is the engine of the inquisitive mind,
which, once polished and refined
will give sight to those around, still stumbling and blind.

An exorcism, first incision into tumours inhibiting
execution of informed, rational decision.
From a position beyond inquisition
or euphemistic pleas for forgiveness, contrition.

Mistletoe acts, eschewed by facts;
a mind re-enacts free thought never tasted,
youth almost wasted until finally you faced it, chased it, encased it
in a bound iron box marked ‘lies’.

for my family

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3 thoughts on “From a Mind Once Irrational

  1. To clarify… my comment on youth wasted refers only to the trappings of unleashing religious dogma on the young mind. I actually think I had an excellent childhood in many ways.

  2. Jordan says:

    You awe me once again.

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