Voluminous Cloak – 07.06.2011

There is a place I know, but seldom go,

for the fear I have of being stung by snow.

Or perhaps out there, something looms much worse,

Red eagles, rabid beagles or a crazy old nurse.


So I prepare myself for when I venture outside,

click clack says the cupboard where my defences hide.

It’s made of dragon liver, it smells like egg yolk,

I fear nothing from beneath my voluminous cloak.


Hen’s teeth and cat’s wings, the blood from a stone,

The tonsils of Elvis and Joey Ramone.

Sea snakes and worm tears, some beans from a can,

All stitched together by a pig from Japan.


The Grackle could get me, The Jabberwocky too!

Lions and tigers and bears from Peru!

But look what I’ve got, do you think it’s a joke?

My loveliest, jubbliest, voluminous cloak.


A little too crass and a little too loud,

It scares them away like a fart in a crowd.

Werewolves it terrifies, vampires it revokes,

My voluptuous, virtuoso, voluminous cloak.


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