The Trick – 13.12.2011

Step right up


Take witness

The trick I am about to play

On this auspicious day

No photos please

Save all applause until the end

Standing room only

No pushing dear friend

Silence! Hold still

Can you feel that in the air

Up on stage, a sort of buzz

As though something may appear

It’s as clear to me

As you all are dear to me

That you have all drawn near to me

Some waiting patiently

Others fearfully

Close to tearfully…

But for what do you wait?

There was no sign at the gate

It’s almost like fate

For this trick you’re too late

The moment is gone

Look around, you’re alone

And sitting stubbornly

Like Canute on his throne

There’s nobody here

Not even me

I’ve taken my leave

With the entrance fee…

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