The Beatification of I – 13.03.2012

Falling, rolling, cascading

silently parading the fears

that bring forth these tears

of uncertainty; a blank canvass,

the coming days and months and years;

the memory of what has come to pass.


They burn; the scalding intensity,

the impetus to keep on moving, walking,

laughing and talking if only to pretend

that for these fleeting years

you are filled with more than just tears,

Yes! With ideas and hopes and dreams and fears


And another button falls

and stitching splits as the button hits

the dirty ground where the dejected spits

calling for the heads of all around him

to turn a sympathetic ear and hear the

fear behind those tears and the resolute,

dignified call that “I am still here”


Another button lost makes him vulnerable

to frost and the house with no door eschews

in a wind of unchange; a chilling reminder of

“no time to waste” or “carpe diem”,

trite reminders both that lives can be lived

through sound bites and stalactites


For so many years and fear driven tears

calcified, encrusted, protecting the truth

from those most trusted who hold your ability

so high that to reach for their expectations

is to topple and fall from the oft cursed “wall”

through which those of us wishing to “go the distance”

are expected to break in an instant


As though nothing were there, and perhaps this

is indeed the case; that the fears we face and

the tears that trace their way down the embittered face

are obstacles only in the mind and that a door

we may find, the key to which we have held all along

in a white-knuckled fist kept clenched far too long


Too restive to sit and tired of running

and to hell with the buttons for the summer is coming

not just for this year but to dry up the tears and

defrost the fear for it cannot, will not and must not

consume all that I am; a man with a quill and the will

to fly with it if I only allow myself just







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