Myth – 21.03.2012

21st of March, time 1803

first thoughts: kettle on, cigarette, have a cup of tea

until a wider reality dawns upon me

I need a little more concentration if I’m ever truly to be free

You see, the problem here is primarily motivational

There’s no real issue with self-belief

the ability within me is potentially sensational

But sensation is like a drug, it all starts out recreational

then slowly clouds the mind up while you deem it inspirational.

What I guess I’m trying to say to you all is this:


Our lives are flooded by the pseudo-aspirational.

A continual stream of neon illuminated dreams

held close to the heart by reams of delusional teens

egged on by teams of media savvy darlings who careen

to the whims and schemes of leering, jeering millionaires

with wallets bursting at the seams.


Sometimes it seems that it’s the public at fault

After all, we’re the ones trying to crack into the vault

or moaning that Caesar hasn’t paid us our salt

we’ll come back to this thought but for now we should halt.


Working on the assumption that all those gathered here

are reasonable, rational adults with a little something between the ears

is it not hypothetically possible that for years and years and years

we’ve been spun a lie so simple in it’s complexity it could move one to tears…


The media is a business, it’s key products: advertising and illusion

it uses the latter to push the former and creates societal delusion

This collusion is a fusion that causes a vascular occlusion

A blockage of creativity as we all reach the conclusion

that we too can reach the upper echelons of fame

if we mimic their puppets and buy into their game

and who cares if you can sing because we all dress the same

but is this our fault or theirs, who is really to blame?


The answer is predictable, a little of both, no mistaking it

because they’re just capitalising on our innate dreams of making it

so instead of being pro-active, stepping forward and taking it

we as a society find a million ways of faking it

So get up, stand up, wake up, pay attention

why be a pawn in the game between the powers I mention?

Turn your back on the illusion, take pride in dissension

because achieving happiness does not require divine intervention

I know that in all of us there is a little apprehension

And I say that without the slightest condescension

Make it clear and loud with no misapprehension

And start to use the grey matter in colloidal suspension


There is seldom an easy route, it takes time, it takes heart

to decipher the conundrum and tear the illusion apart

Open up to yourself; practice and master your art

and even if you die trying rather than playing the part

then you’ll die as one of the few who were too smart

to see smoke and mirrors and take it all a la carte

and, unswamped by the murky waters you chart

you had the courage to finish what you decided to start


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