Je Crois (I believe) – 07.03.2012

Extinguished wick where providence once burned

Where a glance and a smile were mirrored and returned

No reversal of time; such a futile fight

As, no warning offered, Minerva’s owl takes flight


Writers and poets have considered what is left

For those who remain but of loved ones bereft

To consider such matters is vital in fact

But consider the whole play, not just the final act


“They smile down upon us from some better place”

An unsatisfactory answer to the questions you face

“Give thanks for the memories” many have said

But more ways exist in which to honour our dead


Attitudes, personalities; a walk or a gait

Insert your own favourite character trait

A saying or expression, a gesture or laugh

Is living in you and is still on the path


An answer to all this may not even be near

But a pathway connects you with those you hold dear

Our words and our deeds walk this path when we’re gone

And in this sense we are immortal; by this we live on


Written for and dedicated to the memory of June Patterson

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