Bioluminescence – 09.01.12

Crimson dyed cloth

Envelop envelop!

Synaptic detour

Paths redevelop

Erase to reform

Out of function reborn


Discomfort shuffles, ever weary, ever worn

Lunar cycle brings illusion hung from wings torn

Porcine valve in kardia revolts and seizes

Exiled memory swings on lonesome trapezes

Road weary passenger jumps a boxcar too late

Nervous tremor arises to berate

Agonized eyes peer through slats in the crate

Into the souls of false prophets to see lies made innate


Cerulean beast

Abandon abandon

Take ye no detour

Failed course do abandon

A killer is loose

And stalks mother goose

Betrayed by her truce

With her head in the noose

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