Arab Spring

The voting is over, the results have been tallied

For fourteen days the masses have rallied

The Third and the common man side by side

Baring their soles in the air with pride


The soldiers’ loyalties and allegiances checked

Turning caterpillar tracks into a butterfly effect

Still Ahab is deaf in the chambers of power

And can’t hear the clock chiming the eleventh hour


Loan repayment 30 years overdue and the lights going dim

But Pharaoh still doesn’t know that Canute cannot swim

Now the black and white prince in his ivory tower

Casts a grey shadow over a red, white and blue notion of people power


Whose only concern is where the pieces may fall

Doesn’t he know that democracy with terms isn’t democracy at all?

But let the people of Egypt know the lessons of the past

Because the current regime is sure not to last


Remember, when dictators fall a vacuum appears

Like post-Great War Germany in its rebuilding years

Take care that the Nile isn’t struck with the same curse

Because a panic vote can sometimes be a vote for something much worse


For the rest of us, we can just stand and stare

At brave brothers and sisters stood side by side, shoes and fists in the air

It’s the final push now and the pressure is getting higher

May your actions spread around this world like a fire


Too long have we bowed under control of The Man

Who tries to separate us with hate and suspicion whenever he can

About race, creed and background our troubles are not

They’re about the ones of us who have and the ones who have not


The people have spoken, the votes have been tallied

For hundreds of years people have cried, died and rallied

I guess the message behind this is to those balanced at the top

A warning that the water is rising and it cannot be stopped

(inspired by Robert Fisk’s outstanding coverage of the Arab Spring)

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