The Toad Licker, The Girl and The Dream Thief – 17.05.2011

Jeremiah walked along the road,
carrying a load,
which happened to be a very special toad.
He carried his load, the toad
along the long and quiet road.
Every hour, on the hour,
he would lick the toad
as he strode up the road,
to harness the power,
of his load, the toad.
It could make his mind float, don’t you know.

Further up the road,
some way off from Jeremiah and his toad,
a bike was being rode,
by a girl named Catherine.
She had a tooth on a string,
she wore it for the luck it would bring.
But not for the shark,
that had bitten without a bark,
but now hung in the dark,
in her father’s shed.
His name was Fred.
Her father, that is…

Neither Catherine nor Jeremiah knew,
(but I tell you it’s true)
that following them for a while,
was a demon name Balliol,
who could sneak up with a smile,
and steal from their minds,
their thoughts (how unkind!)
and any nightmares he could find.
He put them in his marble, apparently.

So on Catherine rode,
while Jeremiah strode,
happily licking his toad,
(for that was his load)
when in jumped Balliol,
with his marble and smile,
and whispered “hey child!,
you should sleep for a while”.

And sleep they did…

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